I am showing you a simple technique to clear headaches when you do the Reset Your Body deep tissue cleanse with us.

If you have never experienced a professional deep cleanse, you might not be aware that you will experience very clear signs that the detox is working.  A headache is one of those signs and there are some highly effective techniques we use that alleviate these signs, such as the head lymph massage.

This particular technique ALSO helps you when you have a headache (without detox), a sore throat, a cold, sinus infection or problems, puffy eyes from allergies and these little nodules under your jaw which make you think you have a toothache sometimes.

The stroking down technique also works when you have an ear infection or when your children come home from school with a head cold or a sore throat. Use warm oil and hands and that will relieve the biggest discomfort almost instantly.


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