If you really want to know what the right foods are for us humans, look at those who keep and have kept strict regimes one way or another and if they look healthy on it long term, by age 45 plus. It’s always a good indication. However, if you really want to know what is ‘species appropriate’ for us, compare the digestive tracts. That is you best bet to cut through all the confusing information, which almost always leads us to another dead end.

In my work, I often come across people who used to do bodybuilding or other quite ‘extreme’ sports. They often suffer from severe arthritis, bad skin (acne, psoriasis, scaling, itching), exhaustion, dizziness and often one or two other, seemingly unrelated symptoms. They are usually at a point where the pain in their joints has become so severe, or that feeling of exhaustion scares them (especially since their doctor has no explanation to offer them), or they are very conscious of their spider veins in the face or the bad skin, that they are open to change and to change the way they have been conditioned to think about food for years and years.

That often makes me wonder why we are often so determined to stick with our beliefs, even if the evidence is right in front of us.

I recently worked with a woman, who had been a bikini model. Now, at age 47, she had difficulty getting up in the morning or even when had been sitting for a while. Her joints were stiff, her knees gave her sharp pain occasionally and her back was uncomfortably stiff as well. She had gained weight, she was constantly exhausted and she had spider veins and strong veins in the whites of her eyes (which is a sign of hardened arteries).

It took us 2 weeks to stop the joint pain and knee pain. It took us 1 month to get rid of her back pain. Slowly her energy started to come after going through the detox. She reported ‘clearer, sharper thoughts like she knew from her 30’s’. She lost 16lbs in 2 months with ease and without feeling hungry.
She ditched her probiotic, pregnenolone, the 10 or so supplements, including the liquid iron she had been drinking for many months. And more.

What I am saying here is this:


I will repeat this as often as I can and wherever I can so you will hear me.
The problem is that we all grew up with one dominant modality of ‘health care’, which has dominated our thinking and our way of operating. A default position.
But: Just because that modality cannot help you, or thinks there is no help for you within its own limitations, does not mean that is true for other modalities, nor does it mean that there truly is no help or a different way to get your health back.

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