There is a huge difference between the two, especially when you are struggling with a health issue.
So much confusion is caused by not making a distinction between what is for whom and what it can or can’t do.

So often people in groups who share the same ailments will share advice on social media for the latest thing they have tried and it works for a while and then they find 2 weeks later that it doesn’t anymore. Meanwhile, 20 or 30 others are going through the same exercise only to come to the same conclusion a few weeks later. That’s just soul destroying if you keep doing this!

Our immune systems have strange ways of reacting when there is already inflammation and the immune response system is on high alert. You have no idea what causes what and what was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Once you understand that, you have liberated yourself from a thought process we all went through at some stage, a thought process that makes us go round in circles and leaves us frustrated, desperate and wasting lots and lots of money and precious energy.

You can then move forward, purposefully, and take the right action. Get help from someone you trust and who knows what they are doing.

It is NEVER too late to start repairing your body. But you have to start.


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