You are likely to have some of this magical powder in your house right now and it’s called Sodium Bicarbonate.

It’s this inexpensive little sachet or tub you need at home when you bake. Or you probably find a small dose of it in your toothpaste and some cleaning products – if you are lucky and it has not replaced by plastic beads that have poisoned the fish you are about to eat for dinner.

Stock up on it! is the best advice I can give you right now and I will give you 10 great reasons to do so. And yes, they do have something to do with Detoxification too! Lots in fact. These are the detox helpers that keep you away from hazardous chemicals so your body is able to truly cleanse without having to fight against nasty chemicals we are tempted with each day.


1) Cleanse and deodorize your feet: Put a sachet full of Sodium Bicarbonate (which is aluminium free – unlike baking powder) in a tub of water and soak your feet. You can add some therapeutic grade essential oil such as Sage or Lavender, or any other you like the scent of.
A word of caution: it has to be therapy grade oil! So many cheap versions are actually irritants and you should not let them near your skin. Some therapeutic grade oils are not for topical use, some are ONLY for topical use. Always read before you apply.
You can also make a paste of Bicarbonate and water and exfoliate your feet with it. If an unpleasant odour is a worry, you can use oak bark tea and bicarbonate to soak your feet. You can use the Bicarbonate to put in your shoes or trainers to disinfect and deodorise.


2) Body scrub: Make a paste of Bicarbonate, used coffee grinds or sea salt and add some coconut oil, put it in a bowl and use as a body scrub. For your face, use only Bicarbonate and if you have dry skin, add coconut oil. Afterwards, use grapeseed oil – it alkalises the skin! You can use the grapeseed oil on your entire body for that matter.


3) Clean your teeth and gums with Bicarbonate and Sea salt: put them in a blender and use this mix as follows: hold one finger under the tap, put into the mixture and apply on gums and teeth. Don’t use a brush! It’s too hard on the enamel!
After 10 or 15 minutes (no more!), rinse really well. The salt and the bicarbonate both alkalise and kill bacteria we don’t want. Do this no more than once a month, once a week if you suffer from bad breath.
For Tooth sensitivity: Some people really struggle with certain foods, often the ones that are best for them, because their teeth are highly sensitive. Melons or pineapples can cause the teeth to react. Use a bicarbonate and water mixture to squiggle around in your mouth and cleanse the gums. It alkalises AND strengthens and cleanses the teeth, gums and enamel.


4) Deodorant: Most people start to smell so much better after a few days of going on my detox – in every way. However, if you are after a natural deodorant (after 2 or 3 weeks detox), use the Bicarbonate with or without water (put it in a grated cheese dispenser or simply use a little sponge or a brush to apply) as a deodorant. It is good for you, the environment and everyone you meet during the day.

5) Clean your fruit: Grapes are a favourite of mine! However, they are heavy on the pesticides and I always buy them organic, plus I wash them with Bicarbonate. In fact, I use it for all my vegetable, especially because it alkalises if ingested! It’s a win-win. Grapes, I always add quite a lot of Bicarbonate, plus I like to use HOT water to et them soak for a few minutes. Then I rinse them generously with cold to ensure all the nasty stuff is rinsed away as much as possible.

6) Carpet cleaning: Perfect! No chemicals and the odours go too! And it costs pennies and the money you save will more than cover the excellent therapeutic grade essential oils you will want to buy! Let the Bicarbonate sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming.

7) Clean pots and pans with a Bicarbonate and water paste – add some squeezed lemon to fight the grease. Let them soak and it will be easy to clean off any crusts. Again, no chemicals!

8) Clean bathroom, showers, bathtubs, kitchen sinks with Bicarbonate, too! Super effective and you can add essential oils too! If you use non-therapeutic grade oils for cleaning, wear gloves. ALWAYS wear gloves when you use chemicals of any kind.
Not when gardening, though! Remove shoes and gloves and connect with nature, ground your body and enjoy how connected you are to the universe. It is tremendously healthy for you to ground yourself as and when you can. We all wear trainers or some kind of shoes all day and we never get much of a chance to feel grass or sand between our toes and yet it is unbelievably powerful when we ground ourselves.

9) I have to add a beauty tip here, too. Use a strawberry paste and bicarbonate as a natural teeth whitener. Apply the paste, leave it on the teeth for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Please don’t do this more than once a week, though. Make sure you smile a lot! Smiling is highly underrated.

10) Relaxing soak: use Bicarbonate and Lavender oil. Heavenly! Detox is all about reconnecting with US. What better way than a lovely soak in a tub, with some candles. Just you and your thoughts.

There are lots of other uses for Bicarbonate! For now, I wanted to share the ones we use and recommend as detox helpers during the Reset Your Body program.

Wishing you health and love for life, your body and yourself,


PS: If you want to discuss your health issues and how our deep tissue detox might be able to help you, send a message to our helpdesk@danielarweiss.com or go to danielarweiss.com/apply

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