You probably know that one of our main ‘deficiencies’ in America (and Europe) is Vitamin D (in addition to Magnesium and B12).

Have you ever heard of the Vitamin D Council?
Bernard Ackerman, MD? Elizabeth Plourde, PhD? And have you ever read about the Swedish study which concluded that people wearing sunscreen had a higher occurrence of melanoma?

Surprised? So was I.

Dr Ackerman is ‘the dermatologist who is not afraid to sit on a beach’ (New York Times article, July 2004).
About 11 years ago, I read an article about sunscreen products, which had been tested for their true protection factor compared to the claim on the bottles. The results were less than flattering and I decided to dig a little deeper to learn more about this and to find a better solution.

What I found (and continue to find) was eye-opening.

1) We live in a time of systemic Vitamin D deficiency
2) Melanoma is on the rise – especially in areas of high use of sunscreen (Dr Plourde, Sunscreen – Biohazard: Treat as Hazardous Waste)
3) Oxybenzone, a very popular chemical used in sunscreen products, is an endocrine disruptor (=hormone killer) linked to a reduced sperm count in men and endometriosis in women. It is also a massively disruptive chemical, killing fish and corals
4) The negative link between Melanoma and Sun exposure is still not proven
5) Melanoma and other skin cancers increase significantly where sunscreen is used! This is based on a 30-year study conducted by Dr Plourde
6) You are highly likely to have sunscreen chemicals in your body
7) Overuse of sunscreen and a Vitamin D3 deficiency and sun avoidance are the very things that CAUSE Vitamin D3 deficiency
8) Hawaii has banned sunscreens containing oxybenzone and oxtinoxate to protect the oceans and sea life surrounding the islands

Why should you care?

1) Vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to skin cancer
2) It can lead to IBS, some autoimmune diseases, various hormone imbalances
3) Vitamin D3 protects against MS, tuberculosis, RA and Sjoegren’s (which is also an autoimmune disease)
4) 96% of people in the US have Oxybenzone in their bodies since most sunscreens are made with it
5) Sunscreen traces, applied in ‘good doses’, can be found in your blood, urine and breast milk just 2 hours after application
6) Sunscreens are now ‘under further investigation’ for neurotoxicity and therefore possible brain damage

It’s time to rethink our strategies as we head into summer and prepare to enjoy the sunshine.

If you are reading this email, you are probably at a point where you have had enough of living with hormone and health issues and receiving wrong information all the time, or no information. You may have tried all sorts of diets and supplements only to go back to where you started and going nowhere or, more often than not, going downhill.

So many people I speak to are in this position and once they realise that what they have been doing is not helping and once they learn why what they have tried is not working for them, they have taken a big step towards reaching their health goals. The first step is so often a simple realisation.

I help people get there every single day. People with Thyroid disorders, Adrenal fatigue, Autoimmune disease, Gut-related diseases and inflammation, high toxicity – we talk about their health, their emotional and spiritual challenges and create a roadmap for them to get rid of their symptoms by addressing the CAUSE of their dis-ease.

You probably know that what I do is based on a deep tissue detoxification process. That process puts your body in a position to heal, getting rid of toxicity and cellular waste, regenerating cells and generally pressing the reset button. It’s the best – if not the only – way to rid yourself of the side-effects that mess with your body and your mind all the time and get in the way of you and your life, your family, your career.

If you are fed up and tired of paying the cost of the University of Not Knowing, it’s time we had a conversation.

Wishing you health and love for life, your body and yourself,


The future depends on what you do today. – Mahatma Gandhi


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