I was recently asked a question in the Facebook Group via PM but I think it’s a great question so I would like to share the answer here:

Why is the Gut linked to Adrenals and Thyroid?

Actually, the body is a system and not an accumulation of organs and other ‘things’. It is ALL linked to the gut for two reasons:
1) As a foetus, we develop the gut tissue first and from that, we develop the ENTIRE body – it makes sense because the gut feeds us so we can grow.
2) What we consume/ eat, feeds every cell in the body (unless we mess this up by eating wrong foods and the cells are unable to eat/ or eliminate). If the gut is filthy and full of putrified and fermenting (rotting food leftovers), our entire body is filthy and toxic and that’s when you get sick.

This is why I always start by cleansing your gut and lymph system and then we add in the organs that have been affected by diet and lifestyle, through ‘weakness’ or genetic predisposition. We inherit our mother’s lymphatic system – clearly – because we live and grow up in her body and we share her lymphatic and blood system.

If mum eats the wrong foods during pregnancy, baby has health problems and these are usually harder to repair because it will always affect the adrenals and the kidneys first! If you want to look up some stats for your country, you will be amazed. I see so many young people with kidney and adrenal problems now and it is such a shame. So often this affects their self-esteem and most certainly their performance in school. But when the Thyroid is down, the parathyroid often goes with it and the parathyroid is the gland we need to repair – this is where anxiety and depression lives! It’s also where we find the cause for saggy skin, weak connective tissue.

The point I am making here is this: You CANNOT fix your body with a little white pill if the damage has been done over years and years and years of not knowing what to do. You can’t repair a gland by introducing synthetic hormones, you can’t repair IBS by stopping the contractions in the bowel. The only way to achieve anything is to give the body a chance to heal itself. And it does that better than anyone.

The catch is this: You must detox your body to enable it to heal and stop looking at the body’s component parts in isolation. We’re magic – our bodies are incredible. Without them, we don’t exist here. If it’s running at 40% or less, imagine what you are loosing out on!!

I hope this explains the connection between the gut and the rest of our amazing bodies. Please comment and keep the questions coming. 😉

If you want to know what detox can do for you and why let’s you and I talk about it. If you don’t, you will never know. You just won’t know.

Let me tell you the truth: the longer you wait, the harder it will become for your body to clear the acidity and mucous and all the stuff that has been building up over years and years. That’s what I am always worried about. So many people come to me 5 minutes to 12, when they are either getting into financial trouble or almost go broke because they have wasted time and money, lost jobs, marriages and relationships along the way, or are at a point where it is SO hard for the body to do this! Don’t do that to yourself.

Do not ever give up on your health. Even if it is not easy, it is worth it all day long!

Nothing tastes as good health. 

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