Rejuvenator Tea

I have created a tea for you! I’ve mixed together 8 truly awesome ingredients from 7 plants that will help you combat ageing naturally and powerfully. If you have known me for more than a week you will know that I’d only pick the very best ingredients for the botanicals I use. There is a […]

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Not For The Fainthearted

You need to see this to understand what your body is dealing with if you have a chronic disease. The video explains better than I EVER can why it is massively important to start cleansing the bowels before you even attempt to get the body to repair itself. When you are ready to have a […]

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The Adrenals are Sisters, not Twins.

Why we need to really be loving on our Adrenals The adrenals are Sisters but not Twins. One can be functioning and one might not be. You can see that in your blood pressure, the value on top (systolic) measuring on both sides. It needs to be between 120 and 130. If our Adrenals are […]

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