Me? Vegan? Never! Healthy, ok, but vegan? I’d have to be crazy to go without my steak and eat all that awful, boring lettuce. Right?

The only reason why I joined your program to get rid of hypothyroidism and burnout was that you said I’d have food choices afterwards.  And I did!

After the program, I was looking forward to my first BBQ in months. I was off medication for 14 weeks!!! YAY! It felt funny to cook the steak and I took one bite and gave it to another carnivore friend. It tasted ‘wrong’. I went back to the amazing salad dish you showed me. Now I know what you meant! I can’t stand the smell of beer anymore, neither. And I love my new cashew cheese! Thanks for that.

Thank you for showing me how to connect to my body and give it the food it is supposed to ‘run on’. I’m healthier now than I have ever been and my doctor was gobsmacked when I told him I was off all meds! I’m very happy.

Gus, Southafrica


After being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and having had chemo 1.5 years ago, I still felt weak, without energy and always tired. Becoming exhausted happened very rapidly without any visible reason. I was so tired that I took every opportunity to have a nap during daytime and couldn’t wait to get back into bed at night. It wasn’t long until my friends complained that they don’t see much of me any more.

One of my best friends referred me to Daniela.

It started with an initial phone call to see if she thought she could help me and if she treated post cancer clients. The phone call gave me a good understanding and also confidence that I wanted to start the treatment. I then sent my blood tests and medical history to Daniela.

She put me on an alkalising diet which was quite an impact for my food habits. Like coffee without sugar and milk, no red meat, no sweets,.. all in all it was a bit difficult to start with but I could see changes quite fast, such as at my yearly checkup for first time my cholesterol and triglycerides were within the recommended range. Prior to that My doctor said if I wanted these levels to go down it would only be possible by taking pills. Don’t get me wrong this is a doctor I have trusted for many years and who has been very helpful with other issues, yet not with this one. These two levels have been way too high for as long as I can remember and my doctor told me that this was due to my genetics, so the message was live with it or take pills.

Having finished the alkaline diet I already felt so much better and could feel my energy levels again which was a great relief as it was very stressful at work and I needed my full concentration.

After that, we started the detox as Daniela saw remnants of the heavy medication and the chemo radioactive treatments I had undergone in my eyes.

After 3 weeks my eyes started to clear up. I started to see and feel progress.

For my part, I could see the steps over time, whereas my friends noticed a huge change and told me that I look happy, excited, fit and handsome. I started getting out again and meeting new people. Thank you Daniela!

Christian F, Austria (changed name as requested by my client)

I am sending you this ‘thank you’ because I am so excited and overwhelmed with all you have done for me. I am feeling refreshed and brand new. I was advised by my friends to be careful and not to get my hopes raised but I am telling you as a ‘thank you’, I am feeling great and full of energy I had in my younger years, it was worth all the effort and time put in and the best money I ever invested (sorry if I am not very literate in English) but I hope you receive this message and I will be recommending you to anyone I meet that would benefit from your life change experience. All the years I have spent and money I have spent to regain myself with chemicals and uncaring professionals, I was broken you fixed me and my body is clean and my mind is clear I am on the top of the world. Thank you so much Daniela. Very grateful to you.
L. V., France
It started a few years ago. I’d just started a new job, little did I know what I’d signed up for, as they flat out lied in the interview process. A fact I later found they used to lure in new hires.
That said, the performance expected not only in the sales department took its’ tole. For me it started with daily worrying, sleeping badly and finding it hard to get out of bed, dreading weekdays. It got so bad that I couldn’t keep food and my IBS went ballistic. Since I was stressed and constantly worried, I wasn’t much fun to hang around with. I also didn’t feel like company and made excuses as to why I couldn’t see or talk to my friends. I was anxious about losing my job, as I’d been unemployed before and felt a lot of shame for not being able to ‘hack’ it.
It got worse. Since my body and mind were close to depletion and in desperate need of a rest, I got a 40C fever. My doctor signed me off work for 2 weeks and prescribed Antibiotics and Antidepressants. Needless to say that my anxiety about losing my job, as I was sick and not in the office, was terrifying me. To have some comfort and consolation I started eating, a lot. I didn’t realise how much and how many calories I stuffed down my throat as I wore loose clothes.
Looking back at that time, here’s what I learned. Listen to your body and get help. I took a while before I could admit to myself what was really happening and that I needed to get out of this hell.
One thing was this horrid job and work environment, but the other was what I did to myself and allowed others to do to me.
It started to get better when a friend told me that being on meds for the rest of my life, is just a quick patch but not the solution or healing. I listened and slowly started researching. It really is a jungle out there. The many things I tried, the advice I got and tried. The hours and money spent on promises of various healers, …. countless.
Just about when I thought, ok I’m done with wasting my time and resources I watched a video on Facebook which made me curious. I was still doubtful but was encouraged by my family to give it a shot.
Thank you Daniela. I’m off my meds now and lost 10kg. You have helped me to not only look great again but regain my confidence. I notice how differently people treat me and much happier, content and calmer I’ve become.
G.M., UK


Thanks for so much patience and education! It opened my eyes to all the clever marketing we fall for when the truth stares us in our face all the time. No more pills and terrible things they did to me. Only health.

L.P., Italy

Thank you so much! I don’t know anybody who does what you do. Working with you is such an inspiration – I can’t believe I have my health back! Thank you!

Judy, NH, US

I never thought I could get my hair and skin back to how it was years ago! I look younger now than I did 10 years ago…. I wish I had not waited for so long to get help in sorting this out. Thanks so much!

Sally, Canada

I had hypothyroidism and was on heavy meds for years and years. I’ve got it under control now, I know what exercise is good for me and what actually gives me energy! Thanks so much!

Rebecca, FL, US

My skin is totally transformed! No more psoriasis, no more itching and no more UTI’s – all without antibiotics! Thank you SO much!

Adriana, NH, US

I struggled with reflux and bloating – all gone! I lost the weight I wanted to lose and my joints no longer hurt. All of it was somehow linked. Thank you!

Elena, Italy

After my chemotherapies, I was so weak, had no energy and I certainly didn’t feel very manly! Thanks for helping me build up my strength and immune system – the doctors never even mentioned any of this before OR after the treatment.

Bill, UK

Thanks for giving me my life back! No more depression or panic attacks, no more stomach problems. I am so glad I found you on FB.

Rick, South Africa

I know I was meant to find you! God bless you for all your help!

Joanna, SC, US